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Sweat is my drug of choice.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

See you in July

1st Marathon 02 July 2006 - Gold Coast 3:59:59
Thats all folks!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wenny Park Mile

After recent events, DNF, time off, unofficial carbo-load :/, thought I needed a pick me up - and hardening up my 'soft' mile pb of 6:58 was just the thing I needed.
According to the VO2Max charts, with my 10K and 5K predictions for each other lining up almost spot on, I came to the conclusion they were fairly accurate for that range, hence when they gave me my mile prediction of 6:40 I figured my old pb of 6:58 must be ~18secs soft.

So I caffeined-up and went for a hit out down at Wenny Park, keeping in mind this course is 1632m, about 5m long, I thought it should account for any doubts I might have.
Was red-lining from about 200m on, in fact if I average my HR from this point, it comes to 194bpm :eek:, with max for this session being 198bpm :eek: :eek: Gun to my head I dont think I could have pushed much harder.
Did it, its done, no gory details but it sure was ugly and man am I gonna have a head-ache tomorow :) But its worth it, came in at 6:29.
I wonder if a 5 minute mile is ever on the cards for someone like me, I dont want to list it as an 'official' goal of mine, as Im aware of the limitations of training fast-twitch muscle fibers, but wouldnt it be sweet..

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Insert favourite expletive here.
First official DNF
What a miserable feeling.
Set off feeling great, couldnt have been better, hit first K, 4:50, only 5 seconds off goal pace. Half way to second marker feet went from uncomfortable to completely NUMB. Kept at it hoping it would go away, it didnt, even when I slowed right down, still nothing, kept running slower and slower but to no avail (hung my head in shame as I passed truckie's camera.) Kicked the bucket at 5K and sat alone behind the baricade, thanks to all the kind folk that asked how I was doing, its good to know runners have each others backs, but I was feeling disenfranchised rather than heat-exhausted. Caught a ride back with Nick, top bloke with some great advice that I will definately take on board.
Hard to believe it was only an hour ago.
#$%# DS Trainers. Although I guess its only the worst tradesman that blames his tools.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

September Wrap-Up

Well that will be it for this month, did not quite reach my goal monthly Km's though. Can;t wait for next month to begin so I can have another crack at it. 177Km all up, first time I have ever recorded monthly K's and it really helps to think of training in monthly terms. Not enough for huge improvement, but definately enough to prevent me from going backwards.
If I were to obsessively chase it I could have met the 200Km mark, which was intended as backup goal after sickness stopped me training for a week, and thus from reaching original 300Km goal. Must take tomorow off though as I intend to be primed for a huge effort at Homebush on Saturday. There will be no mistakes this time..

As far as Striders Internal Half goes Im still not sure about this one, ran my first ever half marathon distance on the 22nd, in a blistering (sic) pace coming in at 2:25 with 2 pit stops (6.1K and 18.3K) adding around 15mins to the total time. I chose a route that looped past my place 4 times so I could drink/collapse if need be, 3 x Anzac run (6.1K) then Wenty Park and return (2K) and finally Glebe Point Rd and Return (1.2K) Adds up to 200m over but better just to be on the safe side. Want to progressively lower Half Marathon times until Im in good 'Half Marathon' shape and can maintain VO2Max level of exertion for this distance. According to the charts 1:46:24 is what I can hope for at my current level of fitness. Plan of attack for HM training should be Striders Internal, aim for say 2:00 hours, then another each month (SMC maybe?) until I reach sub 1:50 hopefully before the year is out. After which improvements will come only through increased aerobic capacity, rather than distance training. If all goes according to plan, goal for SMH Half (May) is sub 100 minutes. Setting the bar pretty high (for me) I realise but I have to get to this level to be in reach of a sub 64 C2S (equates to approx 95min HM) by August, which personally has become the race of the year for me. Just dawned on me I get to wear a different colour next year, cant tell you how good it feels to work at something and improve at it.
P.S I really should get some sleep, quality of writing seems to have slipped :)
P.P.S When is my damn MP3 player going to arrive, Dad if youre reading this its been nearly 2 weeks since you sent it and its still not here, probably customs delay :/

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well after a long illness (actually only throat infection, so probably should read 'long sulk' :) Im now back into, feeling great and completely mentally and physically refreshed. Realised today just how many times Ive run the Pyrmont course, definately need a change of scenery, will be running the Bay much more from now on.
OK, Monday 19th - Approx 9K, lost UBD and Google Earth has very poor resolution in the CBD.
Wednesday 21st - Rode 6K to Bay - Intended to meet up with first MTG meet, but guess I must have missed them. 7K 1 lap of the Bay, saw vat_man I think, was wearing Striders singlet for MTG so I got a few go Strider comments. Feels good to be training around like minded people. 6K Walk, bike with flat tyre, very pleasant walk though as dislike winter, but love spring. 2 Hours study, cant concentrate, run again :) 6.1K Anzac Bridge course.
So monthly total 119Km, still going for that 200 mark.
Hoping for 5K PB this Saturday. Hopefully see you all on Friday for CR drinks night, will be a sober one for me though.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

So far

97Km this month, including a 17Km before I got this bug, not going to crack 300km for my first month recording my total monthly Ks, but I still should crack 200, and feeling cautiously optimistic about finishing striders 1/2. Went out to Blackmores on Sun, didnt stay long, lamenting my decision not to run, I really wish they hadnt screwed up the Bridge run, didnt see any other coolrunner cheerers because I stayed near home on the anzac bridge, another choice I later regretted.

2 setbacks so far, still better than usual I guess.
6th - Severe Migraine, 13th - throat infection
Brightside, 200km should be an easy mothnly total to beat next month. And 17K on a weeknight training run is not that bad.

Bought a Nike MP3 player, designed for joggers, waterproof, shockproof, overpriced :)
Off eBay US though so I paid maybe 1/6th full price :)

Much more positive blogs to come. :/

Monday, September 05, 2005

September hopes

Well I wont post anything about last Saturdays striders 10K in this blog, due to my performance all my thoughts on that race have been detailed in my 'other' blog :)
There is some positives actually, thats 10 more K's to add to my monthly total.
Also, DS Trainers nearly broken in, its only taken 60K's to do so.
Did catch up with CT afterwards, told me he had a bad run to, how good would it be to have a 34 minute 10K be a bad day. An incredible run by Guz, will be waiting with everyone else to hear how he goes in Berlin, it would be awesome to have a Strider qualify for the Comm. Games.
So far this month:
2nd 6.1K - Warm up for 10K
3rd 10K - Striders north head
4th 10K - This was tonights run, started out feeling lousy, after 4K I looped back past home to try out an experiment: With the onset of one of the headaches I may be able to stop it in its tracks by preventing whatever vasoconstriction is resposible, this time I tried ibuprofen. Well see how it works by tomorrow morning I guess..

Aiming for 70+K's This week - As this is my usual max, have gone higher but never regularly.
Then 10% rule for each week after that. With whatever layoffs I may encounter in the next month I should still break 300K, ready for another assault on a 10K PB at Homebush and possibly being ready to take on the Striders Internal Half.